Should Eden Park be allowed to host more concerts?

Eden Park, New Zealand's largest stadium and one of Auckland's most premier venues, is being held back from reaching its potential...

Since 2020, it has hosted the likes of SIX 60, Billy Joel, and Ed Sheeran who all performed to sold-out crowds - generating over $100 million annually in revenue for the local economy. In spite of this, Eden Park is limited to six concerts per year that can take place on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays preceding a public holiday and public holidays, subject to restrictions under the resource consent. In contrast, Sydney Football Stadium, which has a capacity two-thirds the size, is permitted to host up to 20 concerts!

Over the last three years, Eden Park has proven it can deliver world-class concerts and contribute to the vibrancy of Auckland. Is it wise for us to be underutilising one of our most valuable assets?

Live Campaign

Do you think Eden Park should be allowed to host more concerts?