C&R are committed to delivering for the people of Auckland

  • To manage the resources prudently for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • To bring a balanced approach to current and future challenges that the region faces.
  • To build an inclusive and affordable Auckland that is both sympathetic to its communities and residents, and realistic as to its role and capabilities.
  • To ensure that a strong and appropriate governance culture is created to help deliver to the communities and residents of Auckland.

We uphold these principles | Kaupapa by:

Acting respectfully and professionally, respecting free, frank and respectful expression of views

We recognise that our people are all here to support the Kaupapa.
We respect the different perspectives our people bring to achieve this.
We debate issues, not people.
We respect that people have a life outside of politics and recognise this can affect their work.

Fostering an environment where people feel safe, recognised and valued

We treat people giving their time with respect, whether we agree or disagree with their perspective.
We recognise significant commitment volunteers, elected members and candidates make.
We thank people for their work and celebrate their success.
Our members, volunteers and elected members know that we all have each other’s backs.

Working together to develop policy and actions that achieve our goals

We know our values and we look at how everything we do achieves those.
Policy is developed in collaboration with elected members, candidates, members, and executive.
We exercise a reasonable level of care, skill, and diligence in carrying out the duties of the role to which we are assigned or elected.

Behaving fairly and genuinely, treating others the way we would like to be treated

We are genuine and trustworthy in our actions and behaviour.
We share information and give credit for others’ work.
We acknowledge our mistakes and do our best to put them right.

Using our position of power or influence to help others and avoid harm

If we are in a position to act, we act for what is right for our Kaupapa and each other.
We demonstrate empowering leadership and talk people up, not down.

Acting Lawfully and Ethically

We comply with all relevant laws, regulations, policies, and procedures including this Code of Conduct.
We declare any potential or actual conflicts of interest.

Showing that bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, are unacceptable

We don’t tolerate unreasonable or repeated behaviour that could cause emotional or physical harm.
We ensure that our behaviour, and that of others, makes people feel safe.
We don’t tolerate unwelcome or offensive sexual remarks, comments or behaviour.
We don’t accept preferential treatment of some people over others.

Speaking up if we see unacceptable behaviour

We have an obligation to work respectfully to resolve difference or conflict.
If there are issues or conflicts in the organisation, we have a role to recognise those issues and bring them to the attention of the right people.
Speaking up may simply be pointing out to someone their behaviour had an impact or talking informally to one of the contacts below formally or informally.

How to get help or ask for advice

For formal complaints or confidential advice, please contact:

The C&R President at president@c-r.org.nz or C&R Secretary at info@c-r.org.nz