David Collings

Howick Local Board Member

David brings a wealth of experience, as a long-serving representative for our area, standing up for residents and curbing council costs.

Local Board Chair for 6 years, he stopped wasteful bureaucracy, while advocating for community facilities and services.

Manukau City Councillor for 9 years, David led Transport and the AMETI project. He supports the vehicle Flyover to ease congestion, but does not support the busway deviating into residential community.

Advocate of Lloyd Elsmore Park, walking, cycling, and local beaches, David was instrumental in delivering ferry facilities at Half Moon Bay. He’ll continue to ensure council addresses infrastructure needs ahead of intensification.

David keeps a close eye on Pakuranga Town Centre, ensuring developments prosper our local community for the future. You deserve someone willing to stand up to Council and keep our area a great place to live for you and your family.