Michael Pepper

Mt Wellington Licensing Trustee

I am a small business owner and working tradesman as an electrician. I have lived in Mt Wellington for more than 20 years and now raise my young family here. My son attends Stanhope Road School.

We enjoy everything Mt Wellington has to offer. There’s a lot to be proud of, from our industrial hubs to our walks and landmarks, but the voice of our community is missing.

Having experience with council facilities and recreation areas, I see the need for ongoing maintenance and improvement of our parks, sports clubs and community facilities. I would like to see our local needs met as our town centres (e.g. Panmure and Glen Innes) and retirement villages, such as Summerset and Edmund Hillary Village grow and develop.

My commitment: to be approachable and have your needs heard. I’m a real member of this community and far from a politician!